Explore Options for Wellness

Your health is a precious commodity and worth the investment of time and careful planning. Striving for wellness will pay off in longevity and quality of life. Maintaining as healthy a weight as possible is a key ingredient in achieving wellness and in some cases, dieting and/or exercising can be an adequate plan to reach your goal. The maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can often be quite challenging and many patients find their efforts inadequate over the long term. In fact, dieting, exercising, and weight loss can often result in rebound weight gain. This phenomenon is well known and may be a result of a hormone secreted by the stomach intended to preserve weight in times of hardship or scarcity of food.

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is intended to provide options for those who find themselves in this situation. These surgical alternatives are not intended to be engaged in by themselves, but rather at the same time as careful attention to dietary intake and regular exercise. The notion that weight loss surgery is a cure-all and that no further effort will be required is not only an erroneous and dangerous assumption, but the key component to inadequate weight loss and the risk of weight regain.

In considering weight loss surgery as an alternative, it is important to plan a routine for dietary maintenance and exercise; two components that are part of a good surgical weight loss program and mandatory for a program to be designated as a “Center of Excellence”.

Our nutritional program is a valuable component to maximizing health whether followed in conjunction with surgery or as a stand-alone effort. We encourage you to approach your efforts at improving your health with the assistance of a nutritional health care professional regardless of whether you choose our nutritional program or our surgical options. Your primary care physician can be a potentially good resource for guidance, although most practices are not yet geared to offer close supervision themselves.

If the resources for a physical therapist or trainer are available you may wish to pursue them instead of trying to establish guidelines for yourself. This is especially valuable if you have never had experience with a planned program or a systematic approach to exercise. Starting out on your own can sometimes result in too great an expectation and injury. An unfortunate way to have your efforts sabotaged is to suffer an injury and be unable to begin your journey properly. We encourage you to make sure this sort of guidance is available within the nutritional and/or surgical program you choose.