What is Morbid Obesity and Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for Me?

What is morbid obesity?

Morbid obesity is defined as the maintenance of body weight to such an extent that it significantly increases the risk for the development of other medical illnesses and the shortening of life span. A weight greater than 100 pounds over ideal body weight and/or those persons whose body mass index (BMI) (weight in pounds x 703/height in inches x height in inches) is greater than 40 qualify as morbidly obese and are considered candidates for weight loss surgery. Patients who feel they have exhausted all efforts at medical, dietary, and exercise approaches may be candidates for obesity surgery. Patients with medical illnesses associated with obesity (Diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, arthritis/degenerative joint disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, coronary artery disease) or conditions made more severe with obesity are considered surgical candidates at a BMI of 35.

Weight loss surgery can reduce, if not eliminate these co-morbidities, lengthen lifespan, and return the enjoyment of everyday activities to the patient.

Am I a Candidate?

Please see the section entitled “BMI Calculator” to find out if you're qualified for surgery, and for insurance and National Institute of Health's requirements.

How to tell whether weight loss surgery is truly the right thing for you to do is another issue!
No one can answer that for you and it requires taking a careful look at your circumstances as well as your strengths and weaknesses to make that decision. It is not an easy way out. It requires serious commitment and a realization that a lifestyle change and change in eating habits will still be required. The difference now will be that you will have a powerful tool to help you along the way. It is important to approach your decision from the right angle. You should be considering surgery to improve your quality of life and your health.

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